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My name is Ted. I'm the creator and software developer of Power Suggest Pro. If you have purchased Power Suggest Pro, you are automatically eligible to join this affiliate partnership and receive 60% commissions by recommending this software product to your audience, subscribers, customers or anyone who can benefit from it.
Power Suggest Pro is a highly acclaimed keyword and market research tool which has received numerous positive reviews from internet entrepreneurs and marketers who have found the software to be powerful yet extremely easy-to-use and more importantly, a valuable tool for their businesses.
If you have any questions regarding the product or the affiliate partnership, reach me at
I look forward to building a long-term partnership with you.
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Receive 60% Commission for Every Sale

Product Commissions
Current Sale Price: $57
Commissions: 60% ($31.03 per sale)
A Quality Tool Your Audience Will Love
Candid testimonials from online marketing experts.

Tiffany is an online business coach at and the CEO of Write Consultants, Inc.

Justin is a video marketing expert at who is also an online marketing consultant for local businesses.

Paul is a product creation expert at whose dozens of products have grossed millions of dollars in sales.
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Sign Up as Affiliate Partner
Sign Up as Affiliate Partner
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By signing up, you agree to the following terms:
1. No misrepresentation of product by using the words like "scam", "ripoff" or any other derogatory words.
2. No promotion of product on sites with offensive, adult or other inappropriate contents.
3. No promotion of product using excessively poor quality or untargeted traffic sources such as traffic exchanges.
4. You do not sign up for the purpose of getting a rebate off the product using your own affiliate link.
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I agree to all of the terms above.

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Recommend the product by sending traffic through to our website via your affiliate link and start receiving commissions for sales.
Why Promote Power Suggest Pro?
Earn 60% commissions - This product sells easily at an affordable one-time price for a powerful suite of benefits.
Market research and keyword research are huge buzzwords for anyone doing any form of marketing or research online. It is something that you can never go wrong with because we all need it if we are creating products, writing blog posts, doing SEO, video marketing or any kind of market or niche research for our business. There is a massive base of potential buyers, including internet marketers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, SEO professionals, content creators and business owners.
This is a high quality software product that delivers real benefits. Coupled with a professional, no-BS sales page and a top-notch video presentation, it is a product that you can feel good about recommending to your customers, subscribers or audience.
This is an evergreen product. Earn commissions on a continual basis for your promotional efforts. Recommend the product to your subscribers as part of your autoresponder sequence and establish a steady stream of passive income.
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Affiliate Program FAQs
Are there any fees required to join the Power Suggest Pro Affiliate Program?
No, there is no cost to join the affiliate program.
What is ClickBank and why is it used to manage the affiliate program?
ClickBank is a trusted online retailer in the digital products space, with over 30,000 digital sales being processed every day. We use ClickBank as our secure online retailer because it makes it incredibly easy for you to track your sales and you'll be paid on time, every time.
Who pays me and how will I receive my commissions?
ClickBank pays you. Checks/wires are sent out weekly or bi-monthly and are always on time.
Will I be able to track my sales and the number of clicks on my affiliate links?
Yes. Once you've signed up for a ClickBank account, you can log in and see your hops (how many people you've sent to our site), order form impressions, sales and commission payments all in real time.
What if someone who clicks on my affiliate link does not purchase on the first visit?
If the customer doesn't purchase on the first visit, ClickBank's sales tracking cookie stays active for up to 90 days. That means you will get credit for the sale even if the customer purchase the product several weeks after your referral.
If you have any questions, get in touch with me at the following e-mail address: